If you get hurt at work, notify your employer in writing immediately!

If you suffer a workplace injury, I’m sure that your first instinct may be to conceal your injury because you do not want to look bad to your fellow employees and/or your employer. Or, you may have some other reason for concealing your injury in order to maintain your employment position. However, you must report your injury in writing to your employer immediately or you may lose any claim that you have that could result in workers’ compensation benefits.

In fact, under N.C. Gen. Stat. § 97-22, when an accident occurs, an injured employee must immediately, or as soon thereafter as possible, give a written notice of the accident to the employer. Furthermore, no compensation will be payable unless such written notice is given within 30 days after the occurrence of the accident, unless the industrial commission (the organization responsible for determining the outcome of workers’ compensation cases) is satisfied that the employer is not prejudiced and the employee had a reasonable excuse for failure to provide adequate notice.

The North Carolina Supreme Court has stated that the purpose of the notice requirement is to provide a prompt diagnosis and treatment in order to reduce the seriousness of the injury and to allow the employer to immediately investigate the claim.Why risk the possibility of being left without a remedy for your workplace injury? Notify your employer immediately in writing when you are hurt at work!

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