Beware of New Scam Sweeping the Carolinas

Be aware of a new scam in which phone scammers who claim to be from the local power companies threaten service disconnection.

How it works?

Scammers call claiming that your account is delinquent and service will be disconnected unless a payment is made immediately. Scammers often use “spoofing technology,” which makes the caller ID display the name and phone number of the local utility.

North Carolina law enforcement have advised people to not give out money or personal and financial information to those making the calls. Instead customers with questions about their accounts should contact the company at the official number or website known to be valid, which can be found on a bill.

You can also report scams to the Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division by calling 1-877-5-NO-SCAM (1-877-566-7226), file a complaint online at or contact their local law enforcement agency. Furthermore, you can find out more about scam alerts by going to the North Carolina Attorney’s General website Alerts.aspx. Learn Your Rights 101.

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